I learned my basic cooking skills while camping in the woods. I was in the Boy Scouts for 21 years and have been "retired" from that for nearly as long.

  The first year or two of camping, I would only eat Minute Rice and cans of Denny Moore Beef Stew. That was it! Because I simply did not have the most basic cooking skills, I skipped meals or got fed scraps by the soft hearted friends, but eventually, I hooked up with the right Scoutmaster and over the next 15 years or more, I learned to cook.

  The reason I built this site is to offer you access to a small collection of gourmet treats and a few other treats that can turn an ordinary meal into an exotic adventure. Also, it is to fund my retirement as I do plan to leave the workforce in June of 2017.

  One other - and more important - reason I built this site is an extension of the previous sentence - to fund my future retirement.  Here is the plan; I am care-giver to my Mother who is 83 years old and she still works every day!

  A very serious fall on December 6, 2014 nearly broke her pelvis and it took a lot (of life) out of her, and my trying to help her mend, work full time and take care of her house, my house and cook, do the shopping and all of the rest, (sigh), it pushed me to a point deeper than mere exhaustion; to a place I can only call “(well beyond) complete and total exasperation”! 

  We struggled for more than 4 months with her recovery, to get her back on her feet. Then she nearly died a few weeks later on New Year’s Eve - that was a horrible ordeal to have to endure. But that is a long story for another day….

  Today, somewhat fully recovered from those challenges, she now struggles daily with her dwindling independence as Macular Degeneration and her declining hearing is a constant challenge in her day to day effort of living a normal existence.  This is making her light duties at work more of a hindrance than a help for those she works with, so she has decided to stop working in June of 2017.

   My plight is, when she no longer works, I feel I need to be home - she lives next door to me - so I can be there for her as she needs me to be. What if one day as I am at work, she goes outside to "play in the dirt" as I call it, trips in a hole and breaks a leg or a hip? If I am at work and perhaps I do not go home for lunch that day and have an after work appointment that puts me getting home about 7:00 or 8:00 that night, she will have stayed outside all day exposed to the elements and in pain and have no way to call me.

  So, that is the most pressing challenge I have on my plate right now - create this site and do everything possible to make it become successful enough to fund my retirement and bring in enough money to replace my paycheck. My goal is to bring in $4,000 each month regularly. That will pay the bills and give me a little spend money and also let me help Momma out with her day to day needs.

 So, there it is friends, a little bit about me and why I am working to create a successful blog and website. Will this plan work out in time? Only time will tell. I have 6 months from this writing (1.3.17) to learn that answer. Return here in a few months and together we will discover “...the rest of the story...".


  BPCPromotions.com is the brainchild of that Pink Shirted Troll over to the left. Hi, I am BP Cosby and the originator of BPCPromotions. The purpose behind BPCPromotions is pretty simple and straight forward; ILOVEfood, all things associated with food and I am promoting food to disguise my deep lust for food porn!!

I am not a Chef, but I probably SHOULD have been. I fully enjoy cooking and making up recipes, just to see what I can come up with.

BP Cosby November 2016

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